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For my Religious Clientele, One-Off Special Occasion Clients, Music Video or Photoshoots Creatives and Those Clients Who Just Can't Commit to a 4 Week Full-Set.


All you need to do is:

  1. Order the length you desire below.

  2. Send a picture of your hands next to a 20/50pence coin to accurately size the tips.

  3. Send a picture of your desired style, either a complete picture or combination of pictures in order to create the full set. 

  4. Give me 24 hours from order time to start creating your nails and patiently wait whilst we post this out to you ASAP.

  5. Receive your CaiPress postal Kit and stick or glue on your new nails.

  6. Take Lots of Pictures and Please Remember to Tag @CAIZINBEAUTY.


Health, Beauty & Wellness Starts From Within!

Whether mental, emotional or physical well being, Caizin Beauty has some tools to help you Look Beautiful, Think Positively & Feel Healthy from the inside out; Why not indulge in fruit delight with our nutrient rich Sea Moss Gel and Journal away in your stylish Gratitude Journal. Caizin Beauty has you covered 

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